Chief Executive Officer

Rock L. Earle
Chief Executive Officer

Rock Earle has been involved in commercial real estate investment, development and brokerage since relocating from California to Arizona in 1978.

In 2000 he began traveling extensively, eventually buying into a local travel agency.  In 2005, with the sale of the bulk of his real estate investment portfolio near the top of the market, he retired, traveling extensively for several years while monitoring the global financial situation as well as the real estate markets in Arizona. In March 2008 his travel pace slackened considerably in order for him to form a new real estate brokerage around a core of experienced agents who wished to change their affiliation, and he began looking at other acquisition opportunities created by the dire global financial outlook, including consumer-oriented businesses other than but related to real estate brokerage.

It soon became evident that agency businesses depended on leads, which depended on marketing, which in turn depended on scale, and a manifesto of sorts was imagined:  build a large group of inter-related consumer-oriented businesses in geographically isolated areas, covered by saturation multi-media hyper-local marketing, leading-edge web, coupled with solid bricks-and-mortar, presence.  Accordingly, in many respects, ROX Group emerged in 2012:With sound operations locally and conditions around the world returning to normalcy, ROX GROUP will continue to look to expand the Group concept (realty/insurance/travel/media) into other rural population centers throughout Arizona and the US southwest.